We’re proud to be part of sustaining the American dream.

Today, hundreds of jobs across our region go unfilled because kids have been led to believe they can’t succeed without a college diploma. Laborer. Carpenter. Mason. Metal-building erector. Heavy-equipment operator. Somehow a lot of us forgot they’re the original American dream jobs and began thinking of them as the dirty end of the shovel.


Conco Construction created the “It’s Cool to be Blue” platform to return recognition to skilled labor or what we’ve all historically called “blue collar” careers. South Central Kansas companies need good workers. Many have immediate career openings that aren’t being filled.

It’s a bleak fact that more than half the craftsmen in America are older than 45 and nearly 20 percent are baby boomers getting ready to retire.

We’re visiting area high schools to spread the word about the great opportunities available in the construction industry. If you’re interested in a skilled-trade career, but thought of blue-collar jobs as too hard, not glamorous enough leftover jobs, we want to talk to you. Conco Construction needs young men and women with heart who are willing to invest hard work in exchange for a high quality of life.


You can grow at your own pace at Conco. Find out how cool it is to be blue.

"We have a perception problem in this country. We support higher education, but college isn’t for everyone. In our company, we’re doing everything we can to make it strongly worth it—to make it cool—to choose to be blue."

D. Craig Nelson, Conco Construction CEO/President
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